Gregorio Palacio

About Me

I’ve been working in different fields of advertising since I started my studies. For many years I have been acquiring knowledge in photography, graphic & web design, entrepreneurship, sales, and digital marketing. 

I got a bachelor’s degree in advertising and also I am a self-taught person. 

My years of experience have taught me how to work well with others and always find a way to solve problems when they arise.


  • Growth Marketer

    From Jun. 2023 to Today

    Anderson Collaborative

    I transitioned to a full-time role as a Growth Marketer at Anderson Collaborative, where I'm currently positioned. In this role, I take the lead on running advertising campaigns across different platforms for many clients.

    Additionally, I play a key role in scaling both client accounts and the agency itself. Collaborating closely with another growth marketer, we work together to drive sustainable growth and success for our clients and our agency. 

  • Tik Tok Ads Strategist

    From Aug. 2023 to Jan. 2024

    EK Creative

    I also served as a TikTok Ads Strategist, responsible for overseeing and enhancing the performance of advertising campaigns for clothing boutiques on TikTok. Collaborating closely with an account manager, we worked together to ensure the success of our clients.

  • Media Buyer

    From Apr. 2022 to Jun. 2023

    Trendy Experience

    While at Anderson Collaborative, I also worked at Trendy Experience, which is also a digital marketing agency. There, I managed numerous clients across diverse advertising platforms, including Facebook and Google. My job was to plan ad campaigns and keep in touch with clients regularly to make sure everything was going well.

  • Designer - Media Buyer

    From Jun. 2021 to Today

    Anderson Collaborative

    Initially joining to the agency as a graphic designer, my role naturally expanded, entrusting me with the management of Facebook and Google ad campaigns. This growth highlighted my adaptability and deepening digital marketing skills. The transition enabled me to apply my design talents creatively while diving into strategic ad management, focusing on placement, targeting, and optimization.

  • Facebook Ads Strategist

    From May. 2021 to Dic. 2021

    EK Creative

    I joined another agency specializing in ecommerce, particularly for clothing boutiques. This role focused exclusively on creating and managing a high volume of campaigns daily, significantly enhancing live sales events, which became a major source of purchases. I worked closely with an account manager for each client, leading the campaign strategies and offering expert advice to optimize performance.

  • Media Buyer

    From Nov. 2020 to May. 2021


    Starting my first remote role for a Miami-based agency marked a significant milestone in my career. I was tasked with managing nearly 20 accounts, a mix of lead generation clients and ecommerce brands, across Facebook and Google. This experience was my introduction to handling multiple clients simultaneously and adapting to the remote work environment, challenging me to develop new strategies for client management and communication.

  • Marketing Assistant

    From Aug. 2020 to Nov. 2020


    In my role as an assistant to the marketing director, I oversaw digital ad campaigns and helped with various other marketing tasks. My responsibilities included leading a small team with two designers and a community manager, as well as working closely with an external developer. This position really helped me sharpen my digital marketing skills and gave me a comprehensive view of executing effective marketing strategies.

  • Media Buyer

    From Jul. 2020 to Nov. 2020


    I took on the responsibility of handling our company's advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, which implied being in charge of not just creating the ads, but also fine-tuning them and keeping our strategy and campaigns running smoothly.

  • Graphic designer

    From Oct. 2018 to Jul. 2020


    Hired by the same company as a full-time graphic designer, working towards to creative design solutions.

    See my Behance.

  • Photographer

    From Jul. 2018 to Oct. 2018


    Part-time photographer for a company of prefabricated homes. I was responsible for capturing captivating images of the business activities.

    Take a look at some of my work here.

  • Multimedia Designer

    From May. 2017 to Nov. 2019


    I began my career as a freelance multimedia designer focusing on editing images and videos for local brands.

  • Bachelor's Degree

    From Feb. 2016 to Dic. 2020

    Universidad Empresarial 'Siglo 21'​

    My journey into the world of advertising began in 2016, which marked the beginning of a passionate exploration into this field.


Through almost 10 years in advertising, I’ve developed a strong set of skills and become fully proficient with a variety of software and platforms. Below, you’ll find some of the primary tools that I’m skilled in using.

Not seeing a particular software or platform? Please reach out to me. I’d be happy to share more about my extensive skill set and discuss how I can contribute to your projects.

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